Purple Petunias. Coming Soon?

We’re looking at launching this beautifully blooming purple petunia seed kit.  Tell us what you think!  For a hot pink version of this flower that’s already available, and perfect for Mother’s Day, choose “fantasy petunia” from our custom flower kits.

7 thoughts on “Purple Petunias. Coming Soon?

  1. Please do launch purple petunias! Nothing in the world smells as good or looks so elegantly velvety. These are gorgeous.

  2. They’re beautiful! Yes, please add them! I’ve been growing petunias all winter in my Aerogrow and they’ve brightened up my office wonderfully!

  3. I think the purple petunias would make a wonderful addition to your flower seed kit choices!

    I would also really like to see some flowering kits that weren’t necessarily edible! A red warning on the seed kit box would be sufficient to let people know they weren’t edible as well as an online category of “unedible flowering” kits. I think a larger diversity of flower kits would sell quite well as many apartment dwellers like to be able to have live flowers in their home. I’d even buy extra aerogardens so each room could have beautiful long lasting live flowers in them!!

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