Trim low growth off maturing tomato plants for better-looking plants


As tomatoes grow taller, the lower leaves receive less and less light.  This sometimes causes these lower leaves to curl and brown.  The best thing for your tomato plant, and for their appearance, is to trim off these lower leaves.  This frees the plant up to focus on the top growth (where most fruit is formed) and keeps your plants looking healthy and vibrant.  Frequent “rinse and refill” water changes can also delay the browning of lower leaves (see tips on “rinse and refill” for more details).

4 thoughts on “Trim low growth off maturing tomato plants for better-looking plants

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  4. I planted a new garden of herbs about a month ago. The herbs came up but they are all dying. The leaves and stems turn brown. I completely cleaned the Aero Garden before planting and have followed instructions. What could be the problem and how do I correct it?

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