Catching up a new start

Sometimes we find ourselves with pods of varying ages in our gardens.  Maybe one didn’t germinate, or we pruned too aggressively, or maybe the cat took a nap in the chives!  Whatever the reason, its really important to catch the new plants up to the old if you want a good looking and productive garden.  To do this, be sure to keep the lights down low and prune back the bigger plants to keep them from shading the young ones.  If you start raising the lights or letting the bigger plants shade the young ones, your youngsters will never really amount to much.  They need light to catch up — so keep the lights low and prune aggressively.

7 thoughts on “Catching up a new start

  1. So what do you do? I planted the 6 herb garden a month ago. The basil is going crazy. The Oregano is doing ok. The other herbs like mint, thyme, chives are nowhere to be found? I think they are dead. It looks like the thyme started and then died. The other herbs didn’t even get started?

    • Dave call customer service as soon as you have non-germination. Especially with the low, slow growers, it’s important to keep the basil trimmed low and pruned back to make sure they have enough light, or the basil will overgrow the garden and the rest will disappear! Call customers service now to troubleshoot your growing.

  2. Just wanted to say “Thanks” for this timely post! I had just raised my light on my Mini with the older Marigold plant. I pruned instead and put it back down. 😉

  3. I just realized this and am thankful for this comment. I was about to add a seed to an established tomato garden and realized it would be a mistake.

  4. I bought 1 Aero 3 and then added another Aero 3 and a 6. I’ve had my troublesome pods, too, but I am a woman on a mission, determined to make my garden as productive and beautiful as the lovely photos shared. Customer Serv. really is SERVICE. I did not report bad pods or troublesome things beause I assumed it was me. Customer service will give you tips and instructions not in the booklets or troubleshooting site. They are wonderful! And … don’t be afraid to PRUNE. I’m still afraid but doing it, and it makes all the difference in the world. The plants are pretty forgiving if you do an “oops”.

    • Cherry tomatoes are easily pruned back and will aggressively regrow. Cut off any growth that tries to grow around the lights, or into the lights. Don’t worry about cutting blooms, new ones will grow (and if they are close to the lights they won’t set fruit anyway). A natural way to prune your cherry tomatoes is to just give them more light. With a deluxe upgrade or Extra AeroGarden cherry tomatoes actually stay more compact and grow lower than in the AG7, while producing up to 300% more tomatoes.

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