“Hello, customer service? My plants are all lying down!”

“Hello, customer service? My plants are all lying down!”

Thanks to Robert for sharing this photo of his cat who found a nice warm place for a nap.
Fortunately, most cats don’t show much interest in the AeroGarden (even when it’s growing catnip, although they love the finished product!).




You’re welcome! I think I just have some spoiled, ornery cats… I will be relocating and starting again soon. I’ve raised wonderful herbs and tomatoes in the past and will again!

Carlene Joy

This is hilarious! This kitty is smart and warm. Thanks for sharing.


This was cute. I have a cat (mittins) that will eat anything I try to grow in the AeroGarden! Loves green beans, lettuce,ect. couldn’t figure out why my plants were not growing so well then I saw him eating all my little seedlings. I had to finaly put the AeroGarden in a closed room.