Thai basil

Thai basil

Photo of thai basil

Thai basil is more anise-y than Italian basil, and the stems, leaves, and flowers can all be eaten; in Thailand, it’s sometimes served by itself as a vegetable.  It holds up to heat much better than other basils, which normally are added at the end of cooking; try slow-cooking it in spaghetti sauce to develop a deeper basil flavor. You can substitute Thai basil for Italian in just about any recipe for a different “take”, and you might also try serving it with fresh fruits, a good pairing. Feel free to experiment!




this particular basil makes the best Pesto going !!!

Chip Anderson

You should publish a sheet.
List food – poultry, beef, pork, etc. and the different herbs that go with each.
List Herbs – basil (different varieties), Cilantro, chives, thyme, etc and the different foods that go with each – i.e. types of salads, different meats, egg dishes, etc.