Photo of cukes in AeroGarden

Thanks to Jackie for sharing this photo of the cucumber plants growing in her AeroGarden. Lots of flowers already, and she says “Going to get a lot of cucumbers!”  Jackie, we’d love to know what variety you’re growing – many kinds of cucumber are too big for the AeroGarden, but yours seem healthy and happy in their space.

2 thoughts on “AeroCukes

  1. Thanks for the comment! Have 2 cukes so far about 4 inches long. The variety is Renee’s Garden, Container Cucumber, Bush Slicer. I would recommend this grow to everybody. LOVE my Areogardens! All 5 of them! 🙂

  2. I would like to know which aero garden you are using to grow the cukes. I am planing to buy another aero garden and am very interested in growing cucumbers. Thanks

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