AeroGarden Herb Garden Week 8

Indoor Gardening Expert John Thompson concludes his week-by-week review of growing, pruning and harvesting an AeroGrow herb garden, showing how easy it is to get abundant harvests week after week.  Watch the entire series here (look under “Videos”) or on our Facebook page under “Aeroblog”.

3 thoughts on “AeroGarden Herb Garden Week 8

  1. John, this was an awesome week to watch! This shaggy, unruly (beautiful) garden totally reminds me of my son’s Ultra planted 99 days ago… (Gourmet Herbs) looks like it’s on the brink of Herb War 3 in there! We just can’t seem to keep up with the pruning. My fave part of the vid is you grabbing a handful of dill & snipping the tops off; I love that feeling – its just like cutting someone’s hair only smells much better!!!

  2. How much electricity is consuming the aerogarden by wk 8 if it is on 24/7?
    Could I transfer some of the big plants into pots outside?
    I did not plant all the 7 plants on the kit, and left 2 empty spots, I am on wk 4 now, could I start growing something else in those spaces or wait for the whole cycle to be over?
    For how long the plant will keep growing?

    • Hi – Thanks for your inquiry. To answer your questions, we need to know what model AeroGarden you have and what kind of plants you are growing in it. You will get a faster answer if you simply call us in Customer Service: 800-476-9669

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