4 thoughts on “How to Grow Strawberries in Your AeroGarden

  1. What a fantastic and great project this would be!I am planning to give it a go in June.
    I would really like to try my hand at this, but am wondering about the ‘root crowns’.
    After some searching , I could only find bare root strawberries.

    2 questions John:
    can you suggest a place where healthy root crowns can be purchased?
    and …are bare strawberry roots sold by the bunch the same as root crowns?

    Wow! This would make a wonderful AG Kit!!!!!!

    • Hi Corinne –

      A “root crown” is a part of a bare-root strawberry – it’s the top, where the plant will grow from. If you have found bare-root strawberries, that’s what you want to buy. Ours came from Hope Depot, ten in the package for $4.99. Every Garden Center should have them at this time of year.

      We offered live strawberry plants years ago, and learned the hard way that it’s not a business we want to be in – we have to guarantee what we sell, and guaranteeing the healthy delivery of live plants and customer satisfaction with them was not profitable.

  2. I bought some little strawberry kits from the dollar section of Target, they came w/ a little plastic pot, a dried peat moss disc and strawberry seeds. For a buck I figured it was worth a shot so I dropped the seeds in a grow anything sponge in my garden. It’s been about a month & I’ve got leaves, we’ll see if I get any blooms and berries…

  3. Hello
    I started strawbery crowns, but I washed off the dirt before I put them in my AreoGarden. Well they look like they are rotting. So I am sure I messed up.
    Please help, I am buying more strawberry crowns today.
    Thank You
    Nora J. Gore

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