“Rinse & Refill” for Even Better Growth!

Most hydroponic applications recommend complete changes of nutrient solution every week!  At AeroGrow, we spent years testing and designed our gardens to grow wonderfully even if you NEVER do a full nutrient change.  That’s a pretty big deal!

Siphon In Use

But that doesn’t mean it can’t grow even better. Through testing in our labs, we’ve seen significantly better growth with what we call a “rinse and refill”.  Here’s how to do it:

Once a month when the nutrient light comes on, use our specially sized siphon to quickly drain all the nutrient solution in the AeroGarden into the sink or a bucket ( see picture to the right).  Add nutrients and water as usual then press the reset button.  That’s it!  Nutrients perfectly balanced!  It’s easy and takes less than 5 minutes, and you can do it without spilling a drop of water or disturbing your plants.  Best of all, you’ll see a difference in the health, vitality, and lifespan of your plants.